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A minimalist, keyboard-driven Windows GUI for your todo.txt file is an minimalist, keyboard-driven Windows GUI for your todo.txt file.

…spend less time managing your tasks and more time working on them - lifehacker

The UI is purposefully minimalist and can be completely controlled from via keyboard shortcuts. Most actions can be initiated with a single key, for example ‘n’ to start creating a new task, ‘u’ to update the selected task, or ‘x’ to mark a task as completed. It is fully compliant with Gina’s format spec, which means you can safely edit the file using the Android app or Linux/Mac

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To get started, download the installer, then load your existing todo.txt or create a new one.

A notification will appear in the app's menu bar when a new version is released.

Help and Support

The todo.txt mailing list is a good place to ask general questions about the todo.txt family of apps. If you discover a bug or have a feature request, you can add an issue to Github.

If neither of those routes are helpful, you can contact Ben directly.